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After working on this project for longer than one year exclusively on a volunteer basis, at the end of 2013 The Media Investigative Center has become an NGO under the Romanian law. From now on, you can support us in our investigative reporting adventures. In exchange for your contributions, we’ll give you back journalism and, eventually, a cleaner Romania.

If you think that what we do is right, if you feel you’re being part of our project, come closer. Support us! Each cent we received will be useful in our growth and will help us be more active in disclosing the thievery acts that have been systematically destroying our dreams and lives here in our terribly corrupt Romania.

You can donate any amount via PayPal. It’s the easiest way to donate, it only takes two minutes and you do not need anything else but a credit card.

At times, but also whenever we will be asked for, we’ll publish account statements to show what money we received and how was it spent.

Thank you!

The Media Investigative Center (Centrul de Investigatii Media)

Daca vrei sa ne sustii
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